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Before completing the contact form below, please review the following important instructions below that will help us serve you more efficiently:


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  • This is the person who will be responsible for paying the bill for the work on completion.
  • Full company name or last name first, followed by first name.

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  • This is the address where the invoice will be sent
  • Unless stipulated differently, it is also the job address

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  • This is the physical address where the work will be done (if different from the mailing address).

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EMERGENCY TREE WORK (NOTE: Please contact us by phone after submitting this form.)
Request for information (Please provide details below)
Request for a no-obligation tree care quote
Aeration of compacted soils
Applications to Injure or Destroy (City of Toronto)
Cabling and bracing (rigid and flexible)
Diagnose of pests, diseases and disorders
Fertilizing of trees and shrubs
Insect/Disease management
Plant Monitoring Programmes
Pruning of shrubs, hedges and vines
Pruning of trees
Stump grinding
Tree removal
Tree planting
Request for consulting services
Arborist reports (construction-related)
Tree Inventories and Assessments
Tree preservation prescriptions
Tree risk assessments
Tree value appraisals
Assessment of tree condition
Third party inspections  

Free No-Obligation Quote

What is a free no-obligation quotation?

  • This is a quotation for tree, shrub, vine or hedge work as itemized specifically in the original contact with the client.
  • Generally, no-obligation quotes are scheduled as a quick and specific site review of the work listed in the quote request.  Anything further than this can become a paid consultation and hourly charges do apply.
  • Generally, arborist estimated arrival times for quote visits are scheduled in 2-4 hour blocks only, and each quote is allowed 15-20 minutes.

What is not included in a free no-obligation quote?

The following are examples of requests for services that we charge for:

  • All services provided by our consulting division are not based on no-obigation quotes. 
  • Assess everything on a property and provide a break-down of quoted prices.
  • Assess/comment/report on structural integrity of a tree (tree risk assessment).
  • Assess/comment/report on condition of many plants on a property.
  • Property walk-throughs that take more than 20 minutes, with the client asking numerous questions.
  • Site visit-related follow up research, literature review, reports or technical letters of opinion.
  • Planting plans or recommendations.
  • Custom prescription for specialty, tree-specific work such as cabling and bolting; cavity treatment; diagnosis which requires research or lab culture; soil sampling, delivery for testing, test data interpretation and resulting prescriptions for treatments.
  • Permit Applications related to municipal by-laws.

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