Service Standards

Unless Stipulated Specifically By The Client:

  • All tree care work we do meets or exceeds industry-recognized standards. 
  • Pruning and tree removal operations include disposal of all debris off-site and thorough clean up, either raked, swept or broom or blown clean, whichever is applicable.
  • Stumps are generally ground to approximately 8 inches below ground level.  Where requested and if possible, stump grinding depth may be increased to facilitate planting or excavation.  Where stump grinding depths approach or exceed 12 inches, we require the client to provide us with written confirmation of the location of buried utilities (including but not limited to gas and hydro), as provided by the utility location authority, prior to the commencement of stump grinding activities.
  • Mulch & soil debris generated by stump grinding will be raked into a neat pile and left on-site in the approximate location of the original stump.
  • Our operations and the services we offer are strongly influenced by detailed company policies and procedures; safety and other legislation and the environment.
  • Tree pruning, fertilizing, and rigid and flexible bracing operations conform to the American National Standards Institute document; A300-Standard Practices for Tree Care Operations.


  • Standard Pruning is referred to by some as general pruning.  The main objective of standard pruning is to promote good health and sound structure for the plant’s future.  
  • This pruning includes removal of deadwood, stubs, broken or unacceptably weak branches, rubbing branches, seriously diseased branches, all suckers and from 25-50% of water-sprouts as appropriate, and light thinning of the crown to promote sunlight infiltration to the inside of the crown, air circulation and moisture penetration.
  • Our pruning is completed using "good arboriculture practices" and we do not remove more than 25% of living branches of the crown of a tree within a one year period.


  • Tree Care Hardware and Other Materials used in the tree as part of treatment are guaranteed to meet or exceed pertinent industry standards.


  • Due to the potential hazards associated with stump grinding, we may require written confirmation of the buried utility locates (particularly gas & hydro), as provided by the utility locating authority, prior to commencement of this work.
  • Expect minor scuffing of lawns and hard-surfacing in areas where the stump grinder must travel, especially in tight locations and in wet conditions.
  • Note: see note on Minor Damage below

Minor Damage:

  • We will not accept responsibility for damage to lawns, ground covers, herbaceous plants (annuals & perennials) and dilapidated structures during removal of large or hazardous trees or during emergency operations.
  • We will not accept responsibility for damage to in-ground sprinkler systems, installed-in-place ground lighting, or other buried infrastructure located within or close to the work zone associated with large tree removal, deep-root fertilizing or stump grinding operations.

How We're Equipped:

  • We have what it takes to get the job done and are backed by the best brands in the business: Vermeer, Husqvarna, Stihl, Eloquip, Hiab, and Altec.
  • Our crews are equipped with up-to-date personal protective and fall protection equipment, and a full range of chain saws, power pole saws, pole pruners, rigging and rigging devices.
  • Our vehicles, machines and equipment are all purchased, operated and maintained in compliance with legislation and regulations governing our workplace sector.

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