Tree Care - Services We Offer


Standard Pruning 

  • Specialists in regularly scheduled preventive maintenance pruning  (good health and sound structure).

Special Pruning

  • Specialists in crown (size) reduction           
  • Specialists in crown restoration
  • Specialists in crown retrenchment (veteran trees)
  • Specialists in risk management (hazardous trees)
  • Clearance pruning (from roofs, walls and other structures)
  • Hedge trimming 
  • Species specific shrub pruning
  • Pollarding
  • Espalier
  • Formative training of young tree and street trees
  • Fruit tree pruning

Pest Management (insects, disease, abiotic injury)

  • Diagnosis
  • On-demand spraying and other control treatments
  • Specialists in EAB injection (Emerald Ash Borer)
  • Management of causal factors
  • Proactive “Plant Health Care Monitoring” programmes

Treatment of Wounds and Structural Defects of Trees

  • Screening/capping of cavities       
  • Treatment of wounds (i.e. animal browsing, machine damage, sun scald)
  • Specialists in structural support systems (cabling, bolting, cobra systems, propping and custom support systems)
  • Staking or guying support of poorly rooted or fallen trees   

Root Zone Soil Improvements

  • Soil and leaf tissue testing
  • Mulching
  • Root-feeding
  • Micro-nutrient supplements
  • Mycorrhizal inoculant
  • Specialists in treatments to correct soil compaction
  • Other soil amendments

Tree Protection on Construction Sites

  • Specialists in exploratory root excavations
  • Root pruning
  • Installation of tree protection barriers (i.e. hoarding, trunk protection)
  • Project-related "on-demand" supervision and maintenance

Removal of Trees and Shrubs

  • Removal of trees, shrubs vines and hedges
  • Specialists in technical rigging and removal of large trees in areas inaccessible to mechanical equipment

Stump Grinding

  • Grinding of stumps to mulch

Urban Woodlot Management

We are specialists in all of the following areas:

  • Creation of recreation trails
  • Removal/pruning
  • Management of wildlife habitat (dens, nests, perches)
  • Management of exotic, invasive species
  • Selective cutting
  • Forestry mowing and herbicide treatment
  • Management of edge trees post-construction

Tree Planting

  • Select individual planting of small caliber trees
  • Ravine stewardship plantings

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